Create your own Website – A Complete SEO Guide

In coming future there would be nothing but digital world for any thing around you in this planet. Did you know? As of today, there are more than 3.5 billion global internet users and the top three countries in respect of internet users are China, United States (US) and India. Thus, making your identity online is one of the best decision in your life.

In this tutorial you will learn step-by-step complete guidelines and recommendations to create your own Websites or Blogs. If you’re a beginner, these will help you to make a high-quality and Search Engine friendly website so that you can receive maximum users from organic traffic source. Additionally, you will find most successful ways to make money from your online contents. I have also created an E-Book on this topic and you may order your copy from here. I have divided the whole contents into five broad categories viz. Domain Name, Website Hosting, Webpage Contents, Site Users and Making Money Online.

A) Domain Name

1) What is Domain Name?

2) How Domain works?

3) Domain Name Structure

4) What is Sub-domain?

5) Why do I need a Domain Name?

6) What should be the best Domain Name?

7) Choose a Registrar

Factors affecting your decision to go for the best domain registrar for your website. You should know these facts before paying for your site identity.

As you know that I always share my own experiences with you and try to give knowledgeable information so that you can rely on my site and services. Domain name is not just address of a site but it creates an identity and brand for your website.

Today, I am providing some most considerable facts that must be consider before you go with a particular domain registrar for purchasing your site domain name. All factors are based on my own personal expertise and knowledgebase that means I am not receiving any amount or any kind of payment from the domain registrar.

Further, some of my site visitor asked me that which factor is most essential for choosing the best registrar for domain name. Can I ignore any of them? The answer is Yes! You can ignore any of the listed factors but on your own risk. So, please I request you to consider all factors to evaluating the Best Domain Name Registrars.

8) Whois Record of domain name

WHOIS database to know billing and technical contact information of the registered owner, IP address, date of creation and validity of a Domain Name.

9) Renew Your Domain Name

B) Website Hosting

1) Meaning and Types of Paid and Free Web Hosting Service

C) Webpage Contents

D) Site Users

E) Making Money Online